Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Allow me to be a little self-indulgent here.

Who doesn't love and enjoy John Mayer, right?

I think that might be my favorite thing I ever wrote on SOLB. I just think it's such an absurd assumed premise, and yet I'm sure there are many people who really feel that way. Don't get me wrong. I'm not trying to slam Mr. Mayer. He might be a great musician. I actually have no idea. But who would assume that everyone loves and enjoys his music?

It's nuts. And yet there are a few kids all around us --kids that blend in with all the rest of us-- who totally buy into it. Nuts.

I also have no idea why I thought of the premise of changing the name of the song, but I can't really think of anything more unflattering to have your body compared to than the Exxon Valdez, and particularly the Exxon Valdez disaster. (Tragic.) Except maybe for Flint, Michigan--that might be a worse to have your body compared to.

I also thought of the alternate title "Your Body Really Pleases the Furor."

I guess something about "wonder" really just makes me think of Nazis.

Sorry. Back to the blog.

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becky said...

this might be my favorite blog post ever. on any blog.