Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Ghosts of Law School's Past

I have a good friend that I live with. Let's call him Dick Francis.

There are many things to love about Dick, but two things seem worth mentioning at this point.

1. Dick has a distinguished proclivity for being creepy.
2. Dick loves to fantasize about different phases of his life through the medium of clothing and outfits.

Case in point: Dick Being Creepy

Dick and I once spent a great halloween party duct-taped together, wearing the same pair of pants, posing as conjoined twins. We made a lot of people semi to really uncomfortable that night through the use of bad pick-up lines, aggressive dancing, and an incident where the bathroom door should have been locked. Dick got to creep out a fair amount of people and he loved it.

Case in point: Dick Fantasizing About Outfits

After graduation from college Dick and I were both going to take a year off before law school. We needed jobs. I learned of a teacher shortage and a loophole wherein some applicants could start teaching without certification. Dick and I decided we needed to be high school teachers. Dick was beside himself with the joy of imagining himself showing up to work everyday in a tweed jacket with leather elbow patches. It was some of the most sincere excitement I've ever seen surrounding a piece of clothing (and a piece of clothing not even purchased yet).

That was then. That was back in the glory days.

Dick still has those qualities, but fate was cruel to him.

We were both admitted to the same law school. We both accepted admission. Then a complete jerk (opinion), let's call him Dean Complete Jerk (opinion), kicked Dick out of the law school based on a technicality. Plain and simple it was a numbers issue. (When law schools say they don't care about numbers, they care about people, they mean they care about people with great numbers... also, they mean that they are total tools...)

So here I am at law school without Mr. Francis. I wish he was here.

I like to think that his ghost--the spirit of Dick that made it into law school--walks the halls here and appreciates the absurdly lawyerish outfits and the ghosts of creepy men passed by that also haunt these halls.

Regarding these other outfits and ghosts, I've taken some pictures of full-sized or larger oil portraits that hang here in the college of law. Enjoy. And happy haunting.

Dick would have loved these paintings. I hope he is here to love them next year.

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B. said...

WOW. Those portraits are unreal.