Thursday, April 17, 2008

Tax Law

Tax Day has come and gone. Taxes? Am I right?

Don't get me started...

If I knew anything about tax law, I could probably get a job. Fact of the matter is I'm not too clear on tax law or any other "___________ law," but I do know quite a bit about the history of the IRS.

It all starts with this man.

In an effort to thwart the Nazi's, the Allied Forces poured millions and millions of dollars into defense technology. Among their many achievements wast the Mobile Tactical Defense Unit, or "Mt. Du" as it was secretly known.

Only three were built. The first two were dropped over Japan, and the last one was stored in the Nevada Desert. Scarcity breads demand, and the price for the remaining Mt. Du sky-rocketed.

The richest men in the world gathered for bidding.

Roosevelt had recently spent all his money on new spinners and was, in his own words, "totally tapped."

He asked his father, a plate of Teddy Roosevelt, for a forward on his allowance, but was denied.

If Roosevelt did not get his air trampoline, he knew it would fall into the hands of the Russians.

The only solution? An income tax.

And the IRS was born.


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Rip Colbert said...

Master Yoda?

Holdinator said...

I got a comment on my blog that sounded a lot like that one, but was from a different source (or so it claimed). My favorite part: "A hug."

By the way, thanks for the authentic history lesson on Mt. Du.