Monday, November 5, 2007

Halloween Briefs

I don't have any box to stand on or axe to grind today; I just have a bunch of pictures I've been saving up taking space on my camera.

So today I give them to you, absent any theme or clever side story.

Sometimes your nieces carve pumpkins:

You'd prefer to have taken a picture with the nieces sitting next to their pumpkins, but you're a slacker and you have a hard time getting to your brother's house before 8:00 PM.

Also, sometimes your nieces decorate Halloween sugar cookies especially for you, but you eat them before you take a picture.

Other times you go out to eat at Gardner Village.

This room at Archibald's has a both dedicated to each of Archibald Gardiner's twelve wives. We sat in the Mary Ann booth.

"Twelve wives?!" you say, "Why that's clearly too many!" You might be right. It would be hard on the plumbing for sure. But think about it, you could make your own sexy calendar and never even covet another man's wife or lust after someone with whom you were not sanctified in the bonds of matrimony.

A fine wife. Good for house work, horse work, and a fine Ms. March...

For some reason, I'm generally attracted to really effeminate restaurants. At my first trip to Archibald's I noticed I was the only man dragging a girl along. I've had similar experiences at Food for Thought and Kneaders.

Anyway, if you don't want to sample the delicious fried green tomatoes, feel free to roam the grounds and enjoy many scrap booking stores and witch displays.

Ha! Ha! Delightful.

How droll!

Sassy Shopping Witch!

Ah, yes. Say hello to Hot Granny Witch.

Catching Witch!

Batting Witch! (She's unhappy because the catching witch just told her she had relations of an intimate nature with Batting Witch's husband.)

Pitching Witch!

Another freaking witch...

Oh, come on...

Too many witches around, too little will power.

I'll stop now, but, honestly, I have about three times as many more pictures of various witches.

Gardener village isn't the only place that likes to decorate for Halloween. Even the law school gets in the game.

These kids have such imaginations!

Where do they get their ideas?

Niche marketplaces and institutions of learning are one thing, but does the average White City resident still decorate for Halloween?


Nice try, Bonesy. You're not going anywhere!

As for me, I decorated my person for Halloween.

Higgins was so mad...

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B. said...

The lawn looks great in that picture. I didn't really get a good look at it in the dark with my sunglasses on.