Tuesday, December 2, 2008

After two months of no post...a post!

Comrades, feast your eyes upon a post. Daniel's not writing this one...I am. Who am I? I'm Daniel's trusty law friend whom he invited to blog, since as of late we've had a whole lotta chicken nuggets and not much else. 

Daniel and I can occasionally be found at Training Table, sharing a plate of cheese fries, lamenting our respective lack of relationships and recent bad dates. (Him: late-night confrontations. Me: they guy who pulled out his bank statements.) We also talk about the places we should've gone to law school (Him: Minnesota or Buffalo. Me: UNLV or Miami.) We also talk about our general superiority to those around us.  (Mostly because they have better jobs and grades, and we're older.) At any rate, I like Daniel. I'm jealous of his height and illegal blue scooter. I think he's jealous that I get to go to Michigan all the time.

Final exams are but two weeks away, and the Class of 2010 is busy studying. (Or in my case, blogging and Facebooking.) For Daniel and I, these grades will likely determine whether we get summer jobs that pay $2000 a week or a month. Fantastic. Given that fact, I'm going to get back to studying. 

I know you're wondering why there is an unexplained llama on the page. I have a thing for funny llama pictures lately. It's natural stress relief: no matter what is going on, at least things aren't as bad as they must be for that guy.


Lee said...

Brittany- Want to practice doing law stuff and write this research brief for my mass media law class for me? It's on NBA v. Motorola. Daniel knows a lot about it, he can help you.

Holdinator said...

I'm jealous of your trips to Michigan too.

Is Daniel going to write his 2008 sexiest Supreme Court Justices post this year? I hear the time is approaching for it.

Daniel said...

Holdaway, maybe later this month.

Lee, you couldn't do better than to have Britt write your paper.

Brittany said...

I am happy to write papers for others, particularly since I don't write them for myself. Can't wait to see the sexiest Supreme Court judges Daniel...there are quite a few choice contenders this year.

becky said...

oh geez. you can't imagine the extreme happiness i just felt when i saw that there was finally a new post on this blog. thank you brittany!!

good luck on finals, guys. danny, if you get paid $2000 a week this next summer, you're buying me dinner (or a car).