Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Natural Law

I once wrote that I don't know if there is a master race, but if there is it's CBS's Amazing Race.

Nothing about that is true, but it still is in the better half of jokes I've ever made.

So much of our views of race are governed by natural law. In early America the majority thought some races where naturally inferior. More so we've taken to the notion that all people---all people---are created equal.

I like the direction we've moved. I have some other thoughts on natural law...

The other day my car was totally on empty, so I pulled up to a Maverick gas station. Do you know about Maverick? It's kind of outdoorsy extreme. An "I got friends in low places" kind of feel. I've been to Maverick's many times. A fine place for a hot dog or very large drink.

But this was the first time I had ever been to Maverick in a jacket and tie. I felt so weird. I clearly didn't belong. There is something about natural law in play there.

Next, this afternoon as I went into the bathroom I saw an attorney at my firm dash in right before me. No big deal. This would normally mean nothing more than an awkward hello in a moment usually personal. But here is the big deal: HE WAS HOLDING A CASE FILE.

A case file everyone in the office may use, handle, flip through, peruse, etc., in the coming days, weeks, months, maybe even years.

He just held it the whole time he was doing his thing. Not cool. Not okay.

I don't need a rule book to tell me that. It's natural law.

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